Water Damage Articles:

So Your Carpet Is Smelly

here are many reasons why your carpet can become smelly, from pet odors to heavy soiling and other causes. However, what some people don’t realize is a little water intrusion can cause a big problem with the condition of their carpet, even after it seems the carpet has dried.

Water intrusions can be from many sources. If it is from a toilet (raw sewage), it’s almost always best to discard the carpet and pad and get something new. While doing that, be sure the subfloor is also cleaned and disinfected appropriately, and sealed if necessary. If it is from an overflowing sink or a leaky pipe....read more

When A Pipe Breaks

DID YOU KNOW that every home and business has water pipes, sewer pipes and lots of other pipes?

Of course you do, and you also know that they can leak, break, and create quite the mess.

One thing that you need when this happens is Miller's Maintenance and Water Damage to come to your aid — fast! When a flood happens in your home....read more

Taking Care of Your Carpet

Miller's Maintenance and Water Damage have been called by good people just like you who need help “just sucking up the water from the carpet.”

This can be water from an overflowing sink, toilet, maybe a washing machine that got a little ambitious during the spin cycle… or it could be from something more serious, like a broken water pipe or roof damage from a storm....read more

How to Prevent Water Damage

Have you ever had a really great vacation but came home to find a watery mess around you? That nice vacation just became a disaster with all kinds of regrets if your family arrives home to a flooded house!

It is one of the absolute worst events in life. You didn’t want to come home. You wanted to extend your vacation, but you know you have to go to work on Monday. So you arrive home late Sunday night, and when you walk in the door, instead of nice, plush carpet awaiting your footsteps, you discover a squishy experience, and the first thing you hear is the sound of a pipe spewing water all over the place in another room...read more